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Web Hosting Standard Functions

Web Server Functions

  • Apache Web Server (the most popular web server software)
  • Support Password Protected Directories
  • Support Sub-domains (e.g. http://sales.abc.com)
  • Support Custom messages and outputs for 401, 403, 404, and 500 error codes

FTP File Transfer

  • Support FTP File Transfer
  • Create Additional FTP Accounts (e.g. john@abc.com)
  • Configure individual FTP accounts startup path


  • User can manage (create/modify/suspend/delete) email accounts at anywhere, anytime from control panel
  • Support Outlook, Windows Live Mail Read Email
  • SpamAssassin Spam Filter
  • Antivirus Filter
  • Support Auto-Reply, Vacation Message
  • Webmail Access – RoundCube , Horde Webmail
Web Hosting Advanced Features

MariaDB/MySQL Database (Plan A or above)

  • Support MariaDB (10.1 or above), or MySQL database (5.5 or above)
  • Support PHP 7, PHP 5 localhost access the database
  • Support phpMyAdmin – Online database management tools


  • User can login to Control Panel and browse the website statistics
  • Support Webalizer detailed statistics ( more )

Control Panel

  • DirectAdmin
  • Web Based File Manager
  • Online Email Management
  • MySQL Online Management
  • Website Backup/Restore
4 Layers of Email Filtering

From our experience, some long-history domains (e.g. some used over 8 years), there are chances to receive over 15,000 spam email in a week.

So, coping with the increasing threat from spam and virus email, Website Solution Limited employed the following to significantly reduce the risk from virus and malicious email –
Email Filtering includes

RBL (Realtime Blackhole List)

There are a few organizations in Internet, who created a number of IP list, where it records IP(s) involved to send spam mail. When our web hosting servers receive an incoming mail, the server will query the dynamic lists and check whether the request IP are listed or not.
Common RBL(s) includesSORBS, SpamCop, CBL, BarracudaCentral, Spamhaus, Surriel and JunkEmailFilter

SpamAssassin Content Analysis

Finally, system will use SpamAssassin software to analyze the email content. It will use a number of rules to check whether the email is spam or not. If the spam score exceeds a predefined (user-config-able) score, it will tag it as **** SPAM ****
For details, please refer to https://kb.website-solution.net/?p=127


When incoming emails pass RBL and greylisting, system will use ClamAV to scan the incoming email for virus.
(We are also one of the official ClamAV mirror site in Hong Kong)


It bases on the behavioral difference between spam mail agent and legitimate email server
Web Hosting Web Administrative Panel
User may login to DirectAdmin control panel to manage website/email, including –
Manage Sub-domain
Manage email accounts
Manage FTP account
Setup Password Protected Directories
Manage Website Files
Manage MySQL database
Manage Website backup/restore
Domain Check

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