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Provide high performance, reliable web hosting, email hosting services over 20 years.
Support PHP 8, PHP 7, PHP 5, MariaDB database, Hong Kong local dual fiber optic network.

Free website/email migration assistance for Plan B (or above) new order.

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Free .com or .net or .org 1 Year English Domain Registration when you order web hosting Plan B or above.

Free website/email migration assistance for Plan B (or above) new order. 

  • The above fees are in Hong Kong dollar on annual basis
  • We have Plan C x 2,Plan C x 3, Plan C x 4 for further consideration
  • The above fees do not include domain registration fee
  • Each web hosting package supports website and email hosting. Plan A (or above) supports PHP and MariaDB (or MySQL) database. It enables customer to create dynamic websites.
  • Other functions: POP3/IMAP, SMTP 587, Free SSL (steps), DirectAdmin panel Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8.

Safe, Secure Network


Gigabit Fiber Ethernet, better than standard data center offer. System equipped with NIDS and ModSecurity web application firewall for enhanced network security.

PHP / MariaDB
(or MySQL)


Web hosting servers run on Linux operating system, support PHP/MariaDB database. Customers can build dynamic website application

(e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, Magento…)

Personalized Email


Customer can create personalized email address

(e.g. info@abccompany.com , peter@abccompany)

to strengthen corporate image

Optimized Server


High performance Apache, supports HTTP compression on the fly and HTTP header cache, in order to speed up website responsiveness.

Control Panel


Customers manage website, email, and database via DirectAdmin control panel anywhere anytime.

64 bit hosting servers


Maximized server throughput, breakthrough 4GB memory limit, and 2GB individual file size limit.

Prepayment Discount

Prepay Immediately, enjoy discount !!
Prepay for 2 years, you can enjoy 10% discount off on hosting service fee
Prepay for 3 years, you can enjoy 20% discount off on hosting service fee

Service Plan Upgrade

If you find the existing service plan cannot fulfill your requirement, you can choose to upgrade the plan. The upgrade cost is the price difference between the plans proportionally.
For example, If you use hosting plan A and used 100 days,and now want to upgrade to plan B. Then,
the cost = Price Difference x number of days remaining / 365
= ($1080 – $600) x (365 – 100) / 365 = HK$349 

Domain, Website Hosting Transfer

If you already have a registered website in another company, you can turn the turntable. You only need to apply for our web hosting service plan, and then set the domain name to our DNS server can be switched service, without any fees or set fees. [.hk domain name / other domain name] (learn more)

  • The above fee does not include domain registration.
  • Payment is made annually.
  • Storage = Web + Email + MySQL (if applicable)
  • Each MySQL database size is 200MB at max.
  • Users may use our SMTP (587) for outgoing email service. (To prevent SMTP abuse and impact normal delivery, it is limited to 500 outbound emails per day)
  • All web hosting services do not allow public forum hosting, download sites, or video streaming.
  • System does not support Perl, cgi-bin, ASP, nor Java application
  • System does not support FrontPage Server Extension [details] but Customer can continue to use FTP in FrontPage to publish website
  • System backup will generally keep 5 days retention
    (i.e. copies of today morning, and last 4 day morning)
  • For security reason, server OS will update automatically, and restart on necesary, similar to Windows Update.
    (Time: 3:00 AM – 7:00 AM, according to our experience about once a month on average, each about 5 minutes restart time)

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