SmarterMail Email Hosting

A full-featured Email Hosting service. Large mailbox, mobile access, team collaboration enterprise e-mail platform. Improve personal work efficiency. Boost team synergy effects.

SmarterMail Email Hosting

SmarterMail – Satisfy your business communication needs


Access your email anywhere anytime


Support various devices – Desktop, tablet, mobile (Android, Apple iOS) etc.  They can connect to your email, personal address book, and personal calendar.


Share address book, Calendar, Task, and Create meeting request…


Built-in Anti-Virus, Anti-spam, DKIM, SPF, SSL/TLS encrypted connections.  Reduce Internet Threats.

All comes in an easy-to-use web interface

You can send and receive e-mails via the SmarterMail web interface, wherever you are.
If you do not like Webmail, system also provides POP, IMAP, CalDAV, and CardDAV for your computer, mobile and other devices data synchronization.


  • Easy to use
  • Multilingual
  • Multiple identity
  • Full text index search


  • Personal Calendar
  • Create other Calendars
  • Resource Calendars (e.g. meeting room)
  • Team Meeting Requests
  • Synchronize mobile with Personal Calendar

Address Book

  • Personal Address Book
  • Global Address Book
  • Synchronize mobile with personal address book

File Transfer

  • File Storage
  • Share large attachment by time-limited link
  • Connect to Google Drive, Drop Box

Email Monitoring , Rules

  • Monitor incoming/outgoing email
  • Automated email management
  • Create custom handling rules (e.g. make a copy to me for emails from selected VIP domains)


  • Support SSL / TLS encrypted connections
  • Support Email Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam
  • Support SPFDKIM (improve email deliverability)  * requires DNS setting
Apply a 10 days free trial account,
experience SmarterMail!

  • Apple iOS devices bulit-in support CalDAV and CardDAV
  • Android devices do not support CalDAV nor CardDAV.  Additional software (fee) may be required
  • Mobile devices can use CalDAV and CardDAV to synchronize personal address book and personal calendar (It cannot synchronize shared address books nor shared calendars)
  • Full Text Index Search supports English only
  • File Sharing by link (over Google Drive/Drop Box) supports English filename only
  • To minimize SMTP abuse, system limits 250 outbound emails per hour.  If over the limit, those emails will be temporarily stored on server and sends later.

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