Spam Mail Policy

Customers subscribing Website Solution services MUST comply to this spamming mail policy on which spamming activities are strictly prohibited. Website Solution defines spamming activities as unsolicited broadcast of bulk or commercial email (UBE/UCE) that is sent to addresses that do not affirmativetly and verifiably request such material from that specific sender, including but not limited to mailing of advertising, informational announcements, surveys, website addresses and email addresses.

1. Website Solution customers, and/or customers of resellers of Website Solution are prohibited from sending UBE/UCE. Customers are required to produce records that verify that explicit affirmative permission was obtained from a recipient before a mailing was sent, if spamming activity is suspected. WebsiteSolution may consider the lack of such proof of explicit affirmative permission of a questionable mailing UBE/UCE at its sole discretion.

2. Website Solution Limited customers are prohibited from maintaining an open mail relay, which is used for the distribution of UBE or UCE or designated as mail relaying. Infractions of this policy may result in a discontinuation of service without prior notice.

3. Valid complaints received by Website Solution will be forwarded to customer for a response and resolution. If no response is then received within twenty-four (24) hours from the said customer, Website Solution Limited reserves the right to suspend or even terminate services to the customer account without prior notice until the problem is resolved and necessary preventive measures are implemented to prevent the violation from recurring.

Website Solution customer is responsible for itself and its customers/end-users for UBE/UCE by contract. This spamming policy should be complied by customers in order to protect our customers and the internet community from the negative effects of spamming related activity.

To report an incidence of abuse or spamming activity, please report it with complete headers to

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