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FTP Hosting

BizFTP is a business-specific multi-function FTP server.
Without the server setup, you can immediately enjoy FTP service between your colleagues and your business partners.

BizFTP contains a number of cutting edge features, including Upload Resume, Download Resume, Multi-Users, Individual User Access Right, Activity Email Notice, Public Upload, SSL, Web Based FTP, Virus Scanning, and Backup.

Upload Resume *
You can resume upload large file even Internet connection dropped
Download Resume *
You can resume download large file even Internet connection dropped
FTP Email Notice
Email notice for file upload, download, rename, or delete[details]
Public Upload **
Allow your customer to upload file to you via a Web interface [details]
WebFTP **
Another way to FTP if you are behind a corporate firewall [details]
FTP Snapshot Backup
You (as an admin) can download the today (or yesterday) morning backup anywhere anytime [details]
Access Control
Individual User Right (e.g. upload only, download only) [details]
FTP Over SSL *
You may use FTP Over SSL for secure connections [details]
New file will be scanned against virus, and greatly reduce the computer virus risk.
BizFTP Control Panel
Web Control Panel for admin to add/delete user accounts
* Requires FTP client support ** Upload via Web Browser, the file size upper limit is 20MB. Over 20MB, please use FTP software

Comparison among BizFTP, Web Hosting FTP, and in-house FTP servers

Web Hosting FTP (general)
In-house FTP Server
Setup fee
Server, Operating System, FTP software, and antivirus
System Admin
self manage
Monthly/Year Fee
Broadband, Fixed IP, and electricity
Setup time
1 working day
1 – 2 working day
1 week – 1 month
Upload Resume
Server dependent
Access Log
Not Support
Web Based FTP
Setup manually
Email Notice
Not Support
Require FTP & SMTP server interoperability
Public Upload
Not Support
Not Support
Snapshot Backup
Not Support
Setup manually
SSL Connection
Not Support
Setup manually
Setup manually
Fast (server dedicated to file sharing, and located in Hong Kong data center)
Medium – Fast (Servers shared on Web, Email, FTP services, and mostly located in Hong Kong data center)
Medium (depends on the broadband speed 2M/2M, 4M/4M, etc.)
BizFTP Service Plan
We offer different BizFTP service plans for different users
  1. The above fees are in Hong Kong dollar on annual basis
  2. We have Plan F4 x 2 for further consideration
Other Features
(requires FTP client support)
  • Resume Upload
  • Resume Download
  • Email Notice
  • SSL
  • WebFTP
  • Backups
  • Control Panel
  • anti-virus
  • Payments are made annually
  • Each BizFTP service plan contains 3 admin accounts, i.e. one admin, and 2 backups. For example, for F1 service plan, total you will have 8 accounts (i.e. 5 user-accounts plus 3 system accounts)
  • Monthly Traffic includes all file upload and download traffic.  This limit will be reset on every 1st day of each month.
  • FTP Snapshot backup will be rotated on daily midnight morning basis
  • Due to security reason, BizFTP does NOT support Anonymous FTP
  • The upper limit for web browser upload (Public Upload, WebFTP) is 20MB. Over 20MB, please use FTP client software.
  • User cannot use BizFTP to upload/publish pornographic, violence, pirated, warez, counterfeit, harmful drug, or other illegal material/files.

Prepayment Discount:

  • Prepay for 2 years, you can enjoy 10% discount off on hosting service fee
  • Prepay for 3 years, you can enjoy 20% discount off on hosting service fee
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