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Domain Registration Tips

Some tips/notes on domain selection

Choosing a domain name is not an easy task.
A domain name may be used for one year, two years, five years, ten years, or even longer.
If you need to change the domain name in the future, it is time-consuming and very trouble.


What is URL?

A URL (Universal Resource Locator) consists of multiple components.
Take as an example

  • Http (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is a communication protocol. Web page is generally served by http, or https.  Other commonly-used photocols are FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP
  • is a domain name
  • www is a subdomain

At present, people tends to use www (World-Wide-Web) for web page purpose.

Now, we look at some of the considerations when choosing a domain name:


1. Prepare multiple related terms

In Internet, a lot of good domain names have long been registered.
When we prepare a domain name for a company or organization,
it’d better to prepare multiple related terms to create more possibilities.









2. Uniqueness

Do not use the domain name plus hyphen (hyphen -), or add s (plural),
or other similar method to be your domain name.
Avoid confusing and avoid string errors.


3. International domain (e.g. .com), or Regional domain (e.g. .hk)

Technically, there are no difference on the usage and speed.
However, if your business is local (such as restaurants, tutorials), you can consider regional names.
If your business involves different countries/regions, it’d better to choose .com.
Or even register its relevant national/regional domain name too.




4. Easy to read, spell, remember

Domain name may be passed by text (such as email, phone, picture, print, etc.), or even images, etc..
So easy to read, easy to spell, easy to remember, the domain name will be more convenient.

5. Length of Domain Name

In general, short and meaningful, it is better.

Technically, domain name can be 63 English alphabets.
However, it may be difficult for visitors to input 30 English characters correctly.

6. Pay attention to Intellectual Property

Although it is not common, it’d recommended to pay attention to trademarks, intellectual property rights, to avoid/reduce disputes in future.

7. Hyphen and Number

In voice communication, some text is more difficult to accurately deliver.

E.g., “S” vs “F”, “T” vs “P”, 5 (in Cantonese), and so on.

8. Fashion and Year?

Today fashionable things, two or three years later will be regarded as outdated.
Today the trend of things, a long time later, will be easily regarded as outdated.








9. Is it ambiguous?

In the past, a domain domain_name1b can have 2 interpretations.
Later, that company changed the domain name to domain_name2c

10. Protect your Brand Name

User may consider to register other related names altogether, or domain names in the relevant country/region, to reduce the chance of cyber-squatting.

11. IDN / Chinese Domain

Similarly, users may consider to register IDN (internationalized domain name) or Chinese domain names.
(English .hk domain name can be free to add the same category of Chinese .hk domain name)

12. Check Social Network

If you plan to create (e.g.) Facebook Fans page, you may check whether (e.g.) Facebook Fans page name is available or not.

13. Action Fast

When user decides the domain name, please act as soon as possible. In most cases, domain registrations are first-come-first-serve, no reservations can be made.

The above information is purely for reference only, our company do not make any commitment nor guarantee.


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